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Blockchain Regulatory Concept for Hungary

The Blockchain Hungary Association considers it important for Hungary to embark on the path of prioritizing the importance of the blockchain ecosystem. To this end, the Association has prepared a concept that shows how the Association envisages the regulation of the blockchain ecosystem in Hungary.


Many people refer to blockchain technology as “enabling changes in the world of money, information technology and economic, social and political processes to which only the global spread of the Internet can be compared” because as long as the Internet can provide free access to information, the blockchain can provide free access to values and capital.

The concept aims to provide a brief overview of blockchain technology and the solutions, innovations and associated ecosystems based on it. It also draws the attention of public administrations to the effects of the technology-based ecosystem on the national economy and regulatory needs.

The document can even serve as a handbook for the administration, as it provides a comprehensive picture of the ecosystem and lists all areas that need to be addressed, as well as outlining the ministerial actors involved in the regulatory concept.

The concept gives directions and suggestions, but not concrete solutions. The design of these is a common task of the administrative units involved, as the whole ecosystem is too complex to come up with stand-alone solutions. We consider the involvement of experts in this work to be essential, so our Association is ready to prepare for regulatory tasks.

Title:              Concept for the Operation and Development of the Hungarian Blockchain Ecosystem

Created by:  Blockchain Hungary Association

                       ISBN 978-615-00-7174-9

                       The document was also hashed in the Ethereum blockchain network

You can download the Hungarian version of the Concept by clicking on the image below.

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